There are 24 categories in the Newspress Awards 2020. All the awards seek to reward excellence, creativity and innovation. The judging panel want to be inspired by a demonstrable commitment to quality journalism.

No nominations are needed for the journalism awards – journalists can enter themselves with supporting information and three examples of their work. Broadcast journalists are welcome to apply and submit MP3 sound files, a link or video footage of their work.

For the PR of the year, Press Office of the Year and the Rising PR Star awards the winners will be chosen on a vote-only basis. Only journalists registered with Newspress will be able to cast a vote for those three categories.

The PR Campaign/Event awards operate on the same basis as the journalism awards with supporting evidence and two examples of work needed for a submission.

All material and supporting evidence should have been published between January 1 to December 31, 2019. The start date for entries is January 2, 2020 and the closing date is March 16, 2020.

Automotive Consumer Journalist 

A journalist who can silence the din of the media noise with well-crafted stories. A care for the written and spoken word, tenacity, creativity and a respect for language is what judges are looking for.

Automotive Consumer Publication

Strong editorial, clear design, good use of graphics and a clear understanding of the target audience will be rewarded.

Rising star – Journalist - Sponsored by Suzuki

There is no age restriction, only journalists who have been in the industry fewer than two years will be considered. Photographers, writers, bloggers, reporters and feature writers are all eligible.

Automotive Website

A strong user experience, quality content and innovation will all be part of the criteria for website of the year. Judges will be looking for clear messages and clever use of technology. Remember, if you want to just include website links just put them in the supporting information box.

Automotive Feature Writer 

Insight, strong writing, clarity, exclusivity will form the criteria for this award. Each entrant can submit three entries that clearly demonstrate these abilities.

Automotive Editor - Sponsored by MotorEasy

This award will go to an editorial leader who has demonstrated strong judgement, innovation, creativity, journalistic nous, tenacity and an unrelenting pursuit of the best stories.

Automotive News Journalist

Off-diary stories, thinking outside of the box, a willingness to go that extra mile or to see an angle on a story that no-one else has thought will be a serious contender for this prestigious award.

Automotive Influencer

A passionate influencer who truly cares about all things automotive will be in the running for this award. Creative video ideas, a strong personality and engaging content form part of the criteria but entrants must detail metrics: audience size and engagement levels.

Automotive Photographer 

Three standout photographs – that’s all that’s required. Judges will be looking for technical excellence, brilliant composition as well as photos that captivate.

Automotive Video

A clear message, strong presentation, creativity and technical excellence is what the judges are looking for here. Anyone involved in the production of the video can enter  - presenters producers, camera people, directors etc - as part of a team effort. It can be for editorial or PR purposes, and even a spur-of-the-moment video that inspires, will find favour with the judging panel. Remember, if you want to just include website links to your videos just put them in the supporting information box.

Commercial Vehicle Writer - Sponsored by Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles

Expert knowledge, respect in the industry and a selection of standout stories are what the judges are looking for.

Business Journalist

A portfolio of strong, industry-led stories that inform a target audience will be what the judges are looking for in this category.

Business Publication

Often overlooked, business publications that understand their audiences' needs and that present information with verve, clarity and creativity will scoop this award.

Classic Car Writer

This is for someone who lives and breathes classic cars. A classic car owner, their work should have variety, humour, elegance and an understanding of what owners of old cars feel about their prides of joy.

Motorsport Writer 

A news-hungry approach with a writing flair is what the judges are after. Like other categories, the judges will be on the lookout for off-diary stories, thinking outside of the box, a willingness to go that extra mile or to see an angle on a story that no-one else has thought of.

Road Tester - Sponsored by Kia

Anyone can be a road tester, right? You simply get in the car and write what you think, right? Er no. A road tester must have thousands of miles under his or her belt in order to make decent comparisons and be able to understand the idiosyncrasies of every car on the market. It requires knowledge of all things automotive, an understanding of basic mechanics, an attention to detail and a care for the target audience. A good road tester must not just be a car geek: a great turn of phrase, the ability to entertain without resorting to cliche as well as an absolute desire to inform will take this very prestigious prize. Remember, if you want to just include website links just put them in the supporting information box.

Automotive Columnist

A writer with a loyal audience, a regular spot in a printed or online outlet is the starting point. Audience numbers count here, whether it be page views, unique users, circulation, readership, but also a demonstration that the readers have engaged either by social media or other means (letters, emails anyone?). This writer must make the judges either laugh, think a bit, jump up and down, bang the table, but basically, react. If the reaction is indifferent, the wooden spoon awaits. Remember, if you want to just include website links just put them in the supporting information box.

Rising PR star - Sponsored by Red Marlin

A PR professional who has demonstrated a clear understanding of their brand along with strong product knowledge as well a willingness to assist journalists with their enquiries will be a contender.

PR of the Year Award

This is where the motoring press have their say. They will be asked to nominate their PR of the Year with supporting evidence.

Press Office

A collective that has put on quality events, that has responded well to media requests and has been able to communicate key messages of their brand clearly, will scoop this sought-after award.

Automotive PR Event/Campaign

Creativity, thinking outside of the box, clear messages and strong adherence to brand values will be the campaign that wins. An event that captured journalists’ imagination will be a contender.

Technology Writer Award

The winner of this award will not only have a detailed knowledge of automotive engineering and be able to demonstrate that but must also be able to explain complex systems in everyday language. An appreciation of the target audience and a grounded turn of phrase will be rewarded.

Technology Publication Award

There is tendency for publications that regard themselves as ‘technical’ to simply transfer complex subject matter to its readers and hope they understand. Publications that do not patronise yet seek to explain in clear language will find favour with the judges. Creative use of graphics, strong imagery as well as metrics that demonstrate increased reader interest (online readership, subscriptions, circulation) will need to be detailed.

Lifetime Achievement Award

A motoring journalist or PR who has delivered the goods on a regular basis and someone who has demonstrated the pinnacle of professionalism will be selected for this honour.