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  • Study shows 66 per cent of drivers fear roads will become more dangerous following the deactivation of some speed cameras
  • RoadPilot Mobile users alerted to speed cameras and changes of speed limit
  • 97 per cent of UK speed cameras remain active

New research by RoadPilot has found that 66 per cent of motorists fear roads in selected parts of the UK will become more dangerous with the deactivation of speed cameras.

Since funding cuts were announced by the coalition government, 3 per cent of all fixed speed detection cameras have been switched off or removed.  However, with more camera partnerships reviewing the number of cameras that remain active, motorists are becoming concerned about the implications for road safety.

James Flynn, OBE, CEO of RoadPilot commented, “In the wake of recent announcements that some camera partnerships are deactivating or reviewing the level of speed detection equipment in their region, drivers need to be even more aware of the road’s speed limits and alert to other motorists.

“Allowing motorists to prepare for changes in the speed limit or upcoming speed cameras aids road safety.  Speed camera detection systems such as RoadPilot Mobile alert users to cameras via audio alerts, as well as displaying the specific road’s speed limit,” Flynn concluded.

RoadPilot’s extensive database of UK and international speed camera locations is available to consumers via RoadPilot Mobile – the firm’s speed camera location application for GPS Smart phones – which is now compatible with all 26 Nokia GPS handsets.

It can also be accessed through the ‘combined speed camera and traffic alert’ application available as a standard feature with Nokia’s Maps 3.0 satellite navigation software on Nokia smartphones introduced in 2010.

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Established in 2000, RoadPilot was the first company to market a GPS speed camera location device and is now Europe’s leading provider of safety camera data to the automotive satellite navigation industry.  For more information visit

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